Wednesday, February 22, 2012

IP Address Configuration 

Take the following steps to configure the IP address of an interface. 

Step 1: Enter privileged EXEC mode: 
               Router>enable password

Step 2: Enter the configure terminal command to enter global configuration
               Router#config terminal

Step 3: Enter the interface type slot/port (for Cisco 7000 series) or interface
               type port (for Cisco 2500 series) to enter the interface configuration mode. 
               Router (config)#interface ethernet 0/1

Step 4: Enter the IP address and subnet mask of the interface using theIP 
              address subnetmask command. 
              Router (config-if)#ip address

Step 5: Exit the configuration mode by pressing Ctrl-Z 

      Wish you can get good knowledge of IP configuration steps from this..

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